We study how life enacts mechanisms of control, computation, and learning to engineer robust biological edge computing systems.

Research Themes

Biological Control

We seek to discover the governing laws and dynamics that underlie biomolecular and genetic control.

Biological Computation

We seek to understand how single cells, homogeneous populations, and heterogeneous microbial consortia make decisions and enact computational programs.

Biological Learning

We aim to understand and harness the forces that control the evolution, and convergence of biological code to give rise to new platforms for bio-inspired computing.

Recent News

  • We submitted several papers to the 2020 American Control Conference (see WordPress post). Preprints are on ArXiv and PDFs are here for ease of access: [Hasnain 2019, preprint], [Liu 2019, preprint], [Sinha 2019, preprint], [Nandanoori 2019, preprint], [Balakrishnan 2019, preprint]
  • Congratulations to Nibodh Boddupalli and Aqib Hasnain on their acceptance of two papers to the 2019 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control!
  • (Aug’ 19) Congratulations to Aqib Hasnain on the acceptance of his 2019 IEEE BioCAS paper, in collaboration with researchers at MIT, Ginkgo Bioworks, the Broad Foundry, and the Texas Advanced Computing Center!
  • (Aug ’19) Our genetic toolkit work on Vibrio natriegens, lead by Dr. Tschirhart at Naval Research Laboratory, has been published in ACS Synthetic Biology.
  • (Aug ’19) Shara Balakrishnan has joined the BCCL, welcome Shara!
  • (July ’19, Washington DC) Prof. Yeung gave an invited talk at the SIMB 2019 on steady-state programming of genetic networks [slides]
  • (July ’19, Washington DC) Prof. Yeung gave several invited talks at the DARPA Data Sharing Meeting [slides]
  • (July ’19, Richland, WA) Prof. Yeung presented a method developed by Aqib and Nibodh to use sparse time-series RNAseq data to design promoter-fusion libraries as biomarkers of cell state [slides]
  • (July ’19, Philadelphia) Prof. Yeung presented his work on deep dynamic mode decomposition, an algorithm using deep learning for discovering Koopman operators at the IEEE ACC 2019 [session slides] [workshop slides]
  • (July’19, Philadelphia) Dr. Sinha presented our work on sparse dynamic mode decomposition at the IEEE ACC 2019.
  • (June ’19) Andy Cai has joined the BCCL as an undergraduate researcher, welcome Andy!

Lab Address

1206 Bioengineering Center,
University of California Santa Barbara

Mailing Address

Professor Enoch Yeung
3104 Bioengineering Center
University of California Santa Barbara

email: eyeung@ucsb.edu